Thursday, March 1, 2012

Builders get down to business on fishing boat

Jiman dismantles the front section of the cabin.
The renovation of the fishing boat has well and truly started in Kuala Besut jetty, with the front part of the cabin from where the pilot sits stripped away. Work has been slow because it took a couple of days for the wood to be delivered and rainy weather meant little could be on on Thursday (March 1, 2012).

However, the builder Jiman bin Haron and the captain Yahya are working to a plan and a schedule and it is so far so good, with God's help. Eventually, the cabin will have new wood and it will be extended up to seven feet at the back to make room for more sleeping space.

There will be about five to six feet of fishing space from the rear of the boat once the cabin is extended, plenty of room to fight those big fish such as sailfish, wahoo, trevally and other creatures that nibble at your lures.
And then puts in the new frame.

A kitchen area will be constructed behind the cabin but it will not interfere with fighting space. There is still a lot of room along the sides and front to throw lines into the water. Stay tuned for more updates on the boat. We are still thinking of a name, so any suggestions would be good.

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