Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Malaysians show increasing appetite for fish

Fish has been an integral part of the diet for Malaysians for centuries. And their taste for the sea’s main source of protein is increasing, a Bernama report said.

The report quoted Perak Fisheries Department director, Sani Mohd Isa, as saying that, according to a study, it is estimated that each Malaysian will be consuming an average of 55 kilograms of fish a year by 2020.

He said the figure was 45 kilos in 2000 and 50 kilos in 2005. The greater demand is mainly owing to the increase in population, creating a stronger need for fish.

Malaysia is blessed with fertile coast surrounding most of the country, so there is a vast source of fish. But Isa maintained that ocean capacity is at its maximum and encouraged breeding at rivers and lakes to increase supply.

The seas off Kuala Besut in the northeast of Malaysia is a rich source of fish for eating and for sport. Garoupa, snapper and other bottom-fishing creatures are plentiful as well as bigger fish such as wahoo, trevally and sailfish, for those who enjoy a good fight with rod and reel.

Come April, our boat will be ready for excursions. You can fish around the clock or camp overnight at one of the many islands off the east coast.

The first three months of the season, from April to June, however, is great for squid jigging. Folks have come away with bucket loads of squid. Book early because we expect a lot of squid this season. Email us now at

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