Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Captain's log - Malaysian fishing star in the making

Meet your captain, Yahya bin Ngah. He is the guy in the purple Baju Melayu, the traditional costume of Malay men in Malaysia. With him is his trusty side-kick Zamri.

These guys will be your sport fishing guides when you charter our fishing boat for your squidding or fishing excursion from April to September off Kuala Besut in northeastern peninsular Malaysia this season.

Yahya has been working extra hard to make sure the boat will be ready by April, even while his wife was giving birth to their third child (another daughter; that makes three girls).

He has just overseen repairs to the bottom of the vessel, where he patched up the hull and gave it a lick of white paint. He asked us what colour we wanted for the sidings and we told him to paint it the same colour as his costume.

He thought we were joking until we asked him if he found the colour yet. The boat is now back in the water awaiting work on the cabin, which will eventually feature sleeping quarters for at least seven. There will be separate cabins for men and women, for those who require such arrangements.

Anyway, Yahya is a top guy and is not like other fishing boat captains who send you to one place and stay there whether or not you catch any fish. He has a solid reputation as a captain and a fisherman. He wants you to catch fish and he will search every square metre of sea between Besut and the nearby islands for squid, fish and anything you want to catch.

Whether it is big fish such as wahoo, trevally and the like or bottom-fishing prizes such as garoupa or snapper, Yahya will help you find it.

Please make sure to book your tour with us ASAP because the season is approaching and the hordes will soon be making their way to Kuala Besut to be with Yahya and his crew. Contact fishingmalaysia@yahoo.com. See you in Besut.

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