Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sport fishing for whoppers by trolling

Trolling is a popular sport fishing method of catching big fish such as wahoo, tuna, sailfish and other whoppers.

A common strategy is to troll continuously around a reef with three or four rigs set up, from the back and the sides of the boat. The vessel simply drones around at about 4-5 knots while the fishermen wait patiently.

As soon as the sudden whirr of one line is heard, the other lines are reeled in and the fisherman whose turn it is sets himself up for the fight.

Sometimes, he may have a fighting chair, a fighting belt or just jab the butt of the reel into his abdomen.

While this is happening, the boat captain would kill the engine and start backing up to aid the fisherman. Of course, if two or more lines are hooked, it can be mayhem.

Trolling can be tense and exciting, especially in seas where there is an abundance of fish. The wait itself is mostly filled with silence as the fishermen immerse themselves in their own thoughts. And when the alarm sounds, it’s adrenaline-laced all hands on deck.

In Malaysia, it appears that trolling is not as popular as the local method of hooking live bait and letting it swim freely in the hope of attracting a monster.

Whatever method you prefer, the seas of Kuala Besut are populated with the kind of fighting fish that will surely have you pumped and ready for the challenge.

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